Sermons from 2015

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The Best Christmas Gift


Every year we receive Christmas presents, and there is always that one special present that seems to stick out as THE best one. God gave us THE very best present anyone could ask for, HIS SON – JESUS. Today Pastor Terry will wrap up his series on “Christmas Blessings” (Pun intended), with a message which […]

The Meaning of Christmas


Today is the last Sunday before Christmas, and we have a special children’s program that we will be presenting followed by Pastor Terry’s message. Terry will be examining the children’s message answering the central question presented by our kids. What is the True Meaning of Christmas? Sit back and enjoy this yuletide presentation put on […]

Bringing God’s Love to the World


Today will be the third part of our current sermon series “Christmas Blessings”. We are truly blessed to have our former Pastor, Dan Mundt, here to show us how there are four themes which are common in the Christmas Story-those who brought Jesus to the world: Joseph, Mary, The Wiseman, and the Shepherds.

The Birth That Changes Everything


For someone who many say never existed or is insignificant, Jesus – the Messiah to the Christian faith sure made a difference in this world. Our dates are based on His birth BC – Before Christ and AD – Year of our Lord. Great Universities such as Yale, Harvard, & Princeton were started due to […]

Waiting For Jesus


Many believers today give into their doubts, they grow weary of waiting for God. Many like the Christmas holiday, but are falling short in their belief of a real savior. With the Christmas season upon us, Pastor Terry is starting a new sermon series he calls, Christmas Blessings. Today Terry will help us overcome that […]

Purity Sunday

We have a very special service planned today. Mike Ziadah, our youth director has a message on our Lord’s call to purity and integrity in our relationships. Mike will be preaching from the 5th chapter of Ephesians verses 1 – 16. We hope that you will enjoy this special presentation he is simply calling, “Purity […]

The Gifts of Wisdom & Knowledge


Today we continue in our current sermon series – Church on Fire, with two gifts that are very similar, yet vey different. The gift of wisdom which foretells circumstances or happenings that are yet to come, and the gift of knowledge which reveals to the possessor information about someone or something that is factual prior […]