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“The Need for Spiritual Armor”

Is there a person that you work with that seems to be constantly testing you? Do you find yourself at odds with others? Pastor Terry will be starting a brand new sermon series entitled, “Powerful Armor of God” which will help us better understand why we are bombarded with these situations. It is important to […]

“Come Alive!”

Today is Easter Sunday, or to put it in another term – “The Church’s Super Bowl Sunday”. Easter or Resurrection Sunday is the crux in which we Christians base our entire belief system on. The fact that Jesus did live and died and subsequently rose from the dead to give all of us the blessed […]

“What is the Passion Week?”

As we continue in our current sermon series – Questions Christians Ask, Pastor Terry brings us a very thought provoking questions/title to today’s message. “What is the Passion Week?” Terry will share with us that Passion Week is so named because of the passion with which Jesus willingly went to the cross in order to […]

“Why Don’t My Prayers Get Answered?”

Does the parent say yes to everything a child ask for? Well neither does God, and there are reasons why. When we discover God’s reasons we will begin to pray more effectively. Pastor Terry continues in our current sermon series, “Questions Christians Ask” as we learn biblical reasons why our prayers sometimes go unanswered. Terry’s […]

“How Can I Overcome Temptation?”

God has never promised Christians a life without temptation. Like birds flying over our heads, we can’t do nothing about it, but we can prevent those birds from building nests in our hair. God has promised that He would provide a way for us out of every temptation, so that we can become over comers […]

“A Glorious Day”

Pre, mid, post tribulation rapture. What are the difference in these three viewpoints of when Jesus will return? What are we to do until He returns? Pastor Terry will help us better understand these questions and more as he concludes his current sermon series, The END… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Terry will share about our Lords […]

“A Tough Day”


The bible speaks of two specific judgments at the end times, the “Great White Judgment” and the “Bema Seat Judgment” What are they and who will stand before them? Pastor Terry will explain the difference between the two of them as he continues in our current sermon series – “The END… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” Terry […]

“A Tough Message”


Believe it or not, Jesus spoke on hell 33 times that is recorded in the New Testament – more often than Heaven itself! Why is that? It’s pretty simple; Jesus loves us so much that he did not want any of us to experience it, yet so many people simply dismiss it because “They just […]

“10 Questions About Eternity”


Last week Pastor Terry started a new sermon series entitled, “The END…WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” He tackled the tough question; how could a loving God send anyone to hell? Today Terry will look at the other perspective of eternity – heaven. We all have questions about it: Will we have bodies? Will we go to heaven […]